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Social Media Internship

Social Media Internship

Social Media Internship

Interested in responsible business and sustainability?
Great at social media?

Business for Peace Foundation opens up an internship running from November out December, with possibility for extension, working mainly on social media. The internship is part-time with flexible hours and perfect next to your studies! You will gain great insight into our work and the possibility to participate in several exciting projects.
Working on the Foundation’s different social media channels, we are looking for a person with English proficiency and strong writing skills. Social media awareness is also highly appreciated.

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Send us a short cover text along with your CV.

For questions and a more detailed task description, contact Aase Camilla Løkling on
+47 950 61 983 or

Deadline: 31. October

Celebrate International Day of Peace: Nominate a candidate for the Oslo Business for Peace Award

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Oslo –
Together with our partners in the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and UN Global Compact (UNGC), we are now seeking candidates for the 2018 Oslo Business for Peace Award.

The Award is the highest distinction given to a businessperson for outstanding businessworthy accomplishments – ethically and responsibly creating value both for company and society.


To sustain successfully in business, leaders are increasingly promoting a businessworthy culture. The stories of our Honourees – business leaders who choose to lead their businesses in a businessworthy manner – deserve to be shared and celebrated.

Per L. Saxegaard, Founder and Chair, Business for Peace Foundation

Honourees are selected by an independent committee consisting of Nobel Laureates in peace and economics, after a global bottom-up nomination process through the Foundation’s global partners; the ICC, UNDP and UNGC. The international partners’ local affiliates can nominate candidates who 1) act as role models for society and their peers; 2) stand out as advocates for responsible and ethical business conduct, and; 3) have earned trust by their stakeholders.

Previous winners include Elon Musk (Tesla and SolarCity), Paul Polman (Unilever), Marilyn Carlson Nelson (Carlson Companies) Richard Branson (Virgin Group) and Sarah Beydoun (Sarah’s Bag), and the Award has been dubbed “The Nobel Prize in business” by international media.


As the first Canadian to be an Honouree for the Oslo Business for Peace Award, it is particularly meaningful to be recognized. Awards like the “Oslo Business for Peace Award” truly show that business can be about more than dollars – that it can impact and change society and people’s lives in a positive way.

Murad Al-Katib, 2017 Honouree


How to nominate?

Those affiliated with local, regional and national organisations and networks of International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) are welcome to nominate their candidate for the 2018 Oslo Business for Peace Award. The deadline to receive nominations online is November 21st and the winners of the Oslo Business for Peace Award will be presented in Oslo City Hall on May 16th 2018.


Suggest your candidate via our nomination partners’ websites:

International Chamber of Commerce

United Nations Global Compact

United Nations Development Programme



Eric Maskin joins Award Committee

Eric Maskin (1)

Eric Maskin (1)It is our pleasure to announce that Eric S. Maskin has joined the Business for Peace Award Committee. Mr. Maskin is the Adams University Professor at Harvard.  He has made contributions to game theory, contract theory, social choice theory, political economy, and other areas of economics. In 2007, he was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics (with L. Hurwicz and R. Myerson) for laying the foundations of mechanism design theory, which is the study of how to achieve social or economic goals when information about citizens’ preferences is incomplete.

The Oslo Business for Peace Award Committee works independently of the Foundation when assessing nominated candidates, and the decision of the committee members is final. Its members are Nobel prize winners in Peace or Economics, which ensures that the selection of Honourees is ethically credible, made by individuals outside the business community and of the highest possible moral and professional authority. The task of inviting new members to the Award committee is made by an Election Committee consisting of former Swedish prime minister Göran Persson, former Norwegian prime minister Kjell Magne Bondevik, and the director of the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO), Kristian Berg Harpviken.

Maskin’s work and engagement places global development together with economics and capitalism in new ways. This is important to the idea of being businessworthy. We would like to thank Mr. Maskin for agreeing to strengthen our Award Committee, and it is our honour to formally announce his election to this role.

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