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Business as an Instrument of Peace Conference
October 17, 2011


Conference start at 09.00 Central European Time (CET)

Washington DC 03.00 EDT  –  New Delhi  12.30 IST  –  Beijing  15.00 CST

There are three gatherings during the day, at different venues in Oslo.
Full program for the day. (Link to Program in Norwegian.)

09.00-10.30 Breakfast debate at Litteraturhuset (House of Literature). “Business in Development – from conflict to collaboration.” Leaders from business, politics and society are challenged to debate. How are businesses dealing with the challenges posed by human rights and concern for the environment? How can Norwegian authorities contribute to assist businesses facing stricter demands? Can dialogue and mediation of disputes be effective approaches in conflict resolution between businesses and local societies? Link to program details.

LINK TO STREAM: http://webcast.seriatv.com/?liveprogram=16

11.00-15.00 Research Symposium at Oslo Konserthus (Oslo Concert Hall). “Business as an instrument of peace. How can private sector actors contribute towards promoting trust, stability and peace?” Presentation of detailed research by USIP Director of Sustainable Economics Program Raymond Gilpin, Professor Tim L Fort of the Institute of Corporate Responsibility/GWU, Director International Council of Swedish Industry Johan Genneby, Research Professor at PRIO and the University of Oslo Håvard Hegre, and Director at PRIO Kristian Berg Harpviken. There will be a lunch break during the presentations. Link to program details.

LINK  TO STREAM:  http://www.serialive.com/watch.php?id=35211

16.00-19.00 Philosopher’s Challenge at Oslo City Hall. Keynote-address by Minister of the Environment and International Development Erik Solheim. Followed by the philosopher of ethics Henrik Syse, who challenges the claim that “Business can be an instrument of peace.” Highlights from the research and empirical studies from earlier in the day are presented and discussed by policymakers, researchers and global business leaders. Link to program details.

LINK TO STREAM:  http://www.serialive.com/watch.php?id=35218