Each year, the Business for Peace Foundation arranges a Summit in Oslo, Norway. At each Summit, we examine the relationship between peace and business through keynote presentations, debates and roundtable discussions.

Below are the themes that have been discussed:

2018 – “Building Trust: Accelerating Climate Leadership” (15 May)

2017 – “Brundtland +30: Breakthrough Ideas for Future-proofing the Global Economy” (15 May)

2016 – “Moving Toward the Global Goals: Business as a Problem Solver” (3 May)

2015 – “How can sustainability be a driver of value creation?” (6 May)

2014 – “The new imperative: Creating Shared Value” (15 May)

2013 – “Business in Fragile Environments” (14 May)

2012 – “The Essences of Trust in Business Today” (7 May)

2011 – “Business as an Instrument for Peace”, Research Symposium (17 October)

2010 – “New Times, the potential of business to contribute to stability and peace” (18 October)

2009 – “The World in Recession, a call for a more ethically aware capitalism?” (14 May)

2008 – “Globalisation: The good, the bad and the ugly” (15 May)

2007 – “Peace and Stability through Trade” (20 April)


There is a growing awareness of the importance of ethical and responsible business as a way to promote peace and stability. This emerging awareness is demonstrated both in research and through policy decisions, as well as in good business practice. We see the increased transparency resulting from modern communications as an important driver, with the internet and social networking opening up new channels of oversight and influence. Business must accept and adapt to this development, drawing both guidance and benefit from it. Achieving business success is no longer merely a question of how the bottom line performs, but as much a function of how a business relates to its surroundings, and how society responds to its total performance.

Through our annual Summits on Business for Peace, we wish to build a greater understanding of the importance of these interrelationships.