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Everybody’s talking about food. It nourishes us, brings people together, and makes us happy. But we can’t keep producing and eating the way we are now.

Today’s global food systems threaten the health of our planet and can’t sustainably continue. With links to biodiversity loss, high greenhouse gas emissions, and rising obesity in some areas with food scarcity in others, the production, distribution and consumption of food is negatively impacting people at every level of the supply chain. New solutions are needed but can we really produce food for 7.5 billions people in a way that is healthy both for us and the planet? How are businesses at different levels of the food landscape contributing to a better system?

Come hear our panel of business and civil society experts delve deep into the gaps in the food system- from production to distribution to consumption and waste. We’ll be joined by:

  • Olav Kjørven, Chief Strategy Officer of EAT Foundation

  •  Bendik Walderhaug, Head of Sales at Too Good To Go

  • Annabelle Lefébure-Henriksen, CEO/Daglig Leder of Fairtrade Norway

  • Dyveke Elset, Sustainability Communications Adviser at Norgesgruppen


17:30-18:00 Doors open, come mingle and get settled

18:00-19:00 Talk and discussion

19:00-late Stick around and continue the conversation

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Bendik Walderhaug has worked in various NGOs with fundraising, communication and team management. He joined the small startup company Too Good To Go back in summer 2017 and is now Head of Sales in Too Good To Go Norway, while continuing to drive the movement agenda within the company.







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Dyveke Elset is NorgesGruppen’s Sustainability Communications Adviser. NorgesGruppen is Norway’s largest grocery wholesaling group, and seeks to reduce their environmental footprint, improve public health and ensure a responsible value chain. Elset believes businesses are vital vehicles driving the transition into a sustainable economy. She holds an MA in International Political Economy from the Brussels School of International Studies, University of Kent, and has previously worked for international organisations on issues such as renewable energy, economic cooperation and innovation.


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Olav Kjørven is Chief Strategic Officer at the EAT Foundation. In this role Olav is part of EAT’s Senior Leadership team and provides strategic oversight to EAT’s policy work, leads engagement on global policy arenas, and guides EAT’s science and knowledge initiatives for maximum impact on food systems policies and practices. Olav’s career spans political leadership roles for Norwegian development cooperation and several senior leadership posts at the United Nations. He led the Bureau for Development Policy of the United Nations Development Program for almost seven years, overseeing an international staff of some 360, with policy priorities ranging from democratic governance to climate change.


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Annabelle Lefébure-Henriksen is CEO of Fairtrade Norway. Before joining Fairtrade she worked in Varner for 12 years where she held different positions. From 2011 to 2013 she established and led a subsidiary company of Varner in New Delhi, India, and became Sustainability Manager in 2014. She is member of the Board of Directors in Stiftelsen Miljømerking and sat for many years on the Board of Directors of Ethical Trade Norway. Annabelle has a degree in Economics and Business Administration from NHH and a master degree in International Relations from Paris.