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The Nordics are leading innovation and spearheading the work towards the 2030 Agenda. It is argued that the Nordic Model offers an environment where value-driven innovation can flourish, meaning innovation that improves society by creating value for all stakeholders in an ethical and responsible way.


If innovation is the future, what does innovation look like “the Nordic Model way”? There are other models of innovation such as the Silicon Valley one, which worldwide entrepreneurs and policymakers alike have aspired to recreate as the perfect ecosystem for innovation. But Silicon Valley is no longer the only global paradigm for innovation. The Nordic Model offers a unique environment for socially responsible innovation that looks beyond narrow financial return.


In this panel we will bring together professionals from different fields to understand the connection between the Nordic Model and innovation, and what its future looks like.



⦿ Einar Kleppe Holthe: CEO and founder, Natural State


⦿ Marthe Haugland: Senior Innovation Advisor, Nordic Innovation


⦿ Malin Frithiofsson: Programme Manager, Startup Norway and President, Women in Tech Gothenburg



⦿ Karolina Olofsson: Executive Director, The Oslo Center


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Seats have now been filled up, but you can take part of the conversation through our livestream on 28 September at 17:00-18:00.


This event will kick-start our 2021-2022 edition of the #FutureOf talk series presented by Business for Peace and MESH. The event is part of the Oslo Innovation Week 2021 – you can view the complete OIW programme here.