Poman_Poman Lo has been mastering adult achievements since she was a young girl. A native Hong Kong, she was named Hong Kong Outstanding Student at 14. A year later, she won the Angier B. Duke Scholarship, a merit scholarship to Duke University. By 19, she had graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

In 2000, she joined her family’s business, Regal Hotels International, becoming vice chairperson and managing director of the group’s twenty-five world-class hotels in Hong Kong and mainland China in December, 2013.

Lo has followed the Buddhist ideas of simplicity, environment protection, and harmony in setting forth sustainable development for the Regal group. In 2010, a plan to control carbon emission in the Regal iClub Hotel in Wan Chai was established and the hotel became the first in Hong Kong to be granted carbon neutral status. In addition, most of the Regal hotel restaurants serve a “low carbon ” that emphasizes the use of local food ingredients, reduced use of food additives, and low energy cooking method.

Lo was also looking for other challenges and in 2012, she founded Century Innovative Technology Limited (CIT), is a children’s multimedia company.

A devoted dog lover, Lo used her favorite pets as inspiration for “Bodhi and Friends,” a 3-D animated series featuring the characters of Bodhi and his group of buddies. Developed by CIT, “Bodhi and Friends” now includes more than 100 episodes that have been seen across China and Hong Kong. The company is also producing Bodhi-related educational books, games apps, interactive online games, as well as interactive learning platforms.

Building on the success of Bodhi, Lo launched the Bodhi Love Foundation, to “support significant charity initiatives, especially relating to the holistic health and educational needs of underprivileged children.” The website, www.bodhiworld.com, features interactive games and videos that promote positive values and children’s intellectual development.

When she is not busy with her hotel management duties or planning new adventures for Bodhi, Po has worked with UNICEF, the Aiyou Huaxia Charity Foundation, and Centum Charitas Foundation. She has also worked with Oxfam HK, Doctor Pet, the Hong Kong Guide Dog Association, and the Mental Health Foundation.