On Tuesday, 28th of March, the winners of Oslo Business for Peace Award were announced in Oslo City Hall. The arrangement was hosted by Governing Mayor Raymond Johansen and we had Secretary General John Danilovich of our international partner, International Chamber of Commerce, as a special guest.

The selection of Honourees took place in London on February 9th, where the independent Award Committee consisting of Nobel prize winners in Peace and Economics decided upon the businessworthy leaders of 2017.

Award Committee member Ouided Bouchamaoui stated: “This year again, the Business for Peace Nominees are the proof that working ethically and looking for sustainable development is viable and worthy. The nominees are accomplished entrepreneurs helping people in need and showing the world that being businessworthy can also serve the values of trade”.

We are delighted to present four outstanding businessworthy leaders of 2017:

Durreen Shahnaz (Singapore)

Durreen Shahnaz receives the award for her work in spearheading the transformation of the way financial and capital markets work, focusing on purpose and maximising impact. Her work in Impact Investment Exchange (IIX), the world’s first stock exchange dedicated to social enterprises – which she founded in 2009, has positively impacted 10 million lives to date.

Dr Harley Seyedin (USA)

Dr Harley Seyedin is an Iranian immigrant to USA, who has spent his life building a multi-national electricity and low carbon infrastructure development business with great success in China and Southeast Asia. He has lived more than 20 years in China and for the past nine years he has held the position as president of the American Chamber of Commerce in South China.

Murad Al-Katib (Canada)

Murad Al-Katib, son of Turkish immigrants to Canada, receives the Award for his entrepreneurship in leading the way in sustainable agriculture and contributing to feeding millions of refugee families in the Syrian crisis. His company AGT Food and Ingredients is one of the world’s largest lentil companies, handling about a quarter of the global supply.

Elon Musk (USA)

Elon Musk receives the Award for his leadership of the way forward in the automotive industry, and for his showcasing of business’ ability to help confront and solve the world’s most demanding and complex problems. The battery technology of Tesla has recently been successfully combined with solar energy in his company SolarCity, USA’s second largest provider of solar systems.

Please find the justification for the Honourees here. And do not  miss a chance to celebrate the winners in the Oslo City Hall on May 16th from 16:00 to 17:30. Reserve your place already today by registering via this link.

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