We are deeply saddened by the news of Hans-Christian Gabrielsen’s passing. Gabrielsen was the leader of the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO) and a member of Business for Peace’s Advisory Board. 

Gabrielsen was deeply committed to improving conditions for workers throughout his career. He started as a process operator in the pulp mill Tofte Industrier and later served as secretary for the United Federation of Trade Unions. Additionally, he held board positions for the Labour Party before becoming the head of LO. He was highly respected in all circles and known for building bridges to find fair solutions. The scope of his work reaches beyond Norway into Europe and beyond.

Gabrielsen was caring, generous, honest, and worked tirelessly for a better world. Business for Peace values the contribution he made towards improving workers’ rights and positive business practices. He will be sorely missed.

Our thoughts go out to his wife, daughter, family, and colleagues.

LO-leder Hans-Christian Gabrielsen fotografert i sekretariatssalen i Folkets Hus i Oslo i forbindelse med LOs digitale representantskapsmøte 16. februar 2021.